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OPMC-81/7-2A 10/100M Remote Manageable Media Converter
2-U 19’’ Rack-mount 17 slots media converter chassis supports plug-and–play installation of convert modules, can hold at most 16 card-type converters of 10/100M. One slot of the 17 slots media converter chassis is for net manager board .This converter chassis can supply several media converters with power, this will simple the links and structure, it can work stably and adapt broad width of voltage .It can store strong power and can be operated and managed easily. The maintenance of this chassis is also very easy. This option is the very one to meet the requests of good stability ,  high capacity , good integration and good quality .With all these advantages ,this option can supply users with an effective solution of networks
1) Durable 19” Rack-mounted chassis Construction
2) Redundant power supply ( RPS) unit
3) SNMP-ready
4) Optional DC-48V Power Supply
5) Supports up to 16 line-card media converters
6) Two (2) loading-sharing, hot-swappable power supplies
7) LED status panel for fan, Power and slot
8) Supports mix-and-matching between 10/100-base,copper,fiber,single/multi-mode, WDM products with ST or SC connectors
9) Fans can be managed
10) Available with AC and DC power
11) Ideal for mission-critical networks such as Enterprises, Banks, Military, etc,
Technical specification
Capacity: 17 slots for up to 17 card-based media converters,
Chassis: Aluminum/Steel
Power: up to two power supplies
Media converters adapted: 10/100M; 
Power in: AC 100 V~260 V; OR DC 48V
Power out: DC 5V, 20A
Diameter of DC plug: 2.5/5.5 mm
Ripple≤50 Mv
Noise :≤50 Mv
Protection of power supply: circuit-breaker when overvoltage;
Circuit-breaker when overflow;
Circuit-breaker when short circuit
Operating Temperature :0℃~50℃
Storage Temperature:-20℃~85℃
Humidity: 5%~95%
Dimensions: L485, W231, H90 mm   ; 19 inches 2U
EMI: FCC part 15 Class A, ROHS


Fault description
Cause description
POWER LED Lamps are off
Haven’t connected the power plug or not a valid connection
Connect the power plug and make sure it is a valid connection
Link/Act LED Lamp is off
1.Haven’t connected the electrical cables to the electrical port or not a valid connection
Connect the electrical cables to the electrical port and make sure it’s a valid connection
2.Used the wrong electrical cables for electrical connection
Use right type of electrical cables for electrical connection
3.Any fault with the NIC and the terminal of  Ethernet
To make sure the NIC and the terminal of  Ethernet can work normally
FX and FX-link/Act LED Lamps are off
1.There might be any fault with the terminal optical devices
Check the terminal optical devices and the main fiber to see if they can work normally. If not ,then maintain them
2.The optical fiber has broken down or the connection of optical fiber is not valid
3.The optical fiber is over loss
TX and FX LED Lamps are normal but the data cannot be transmitted
1.The connection between optical fiber and devices is not valid ,this will cause the TX power not strong enough
1.Check the fiber connectors and make sure the connection between optical fiber and devices is valid
2.The system get power just for a little moment or any changes for the network ,these may cost a little time for media converters to adapt
2.If this option can still not work a long time after all installations, then stop the power supply ,wait a little moment and try again with the power on

Management Module:
Main Features:
1)      Used to collect the relational information from the media converters installed in the chassis, and manage the functions of media converters. It has one general 10/100M RJ45 port and one general RS232 console port.
2)      Support full range of manageable media converters or other manageable cards.
3)      Supports full range of standards such as HTTP,SNMP,TFTP,TELNET …etc . The system has proper interface for each. It is easy to be understood and used, no need install special software, so that it is easier for the users.
4)      Support WEB based management
5)      Support Console management when emergency
6)      LAN port supports Auto MDI/MDI-X
7)      LAN port supports 10/100Mbps Auto-negotiation
8)      LED status for owner SYS(PORT),Alarm,100,Link/Activity
9)      Push-button for system restart
10)  If management module is not installed, then the chassis converters will function as unmanaged converters
Products series
Part number
19’’ 2U 17slots rack-mount chassis for managed media converters ,dual power supply with NMS function
10/100M managed media converters
Net manageable module
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